LibreGraphics magazine is designed to serve as a catalyst for discussion; to build a home for the users of Libre Graphics software, standards, and methods. As users of these tools, we know that our work, when executed well, is indistinguishable from work produced by more traditional means. Thus, here we will unite all our previously disparate successes. We will elevate the discourse around Libre Graphics as a professionally viable option, raise awareness, and show that it is the vision of the artist (not the cost of the tool) that is important.

Below, you can download current and past editions of the magazine. (Note: This is a mirror of the main LibreGraphics website. For updates on future issues, please see the official blog.)

2011 – Year of the First Encounters

1.1: First Encounters, Taking Flight LibreGraphics Magazine - Issue 1.1

Print (60 MB), Web(3 MB)

1.2: Use Cases and Affordances LibreGraphics Magazine - Issue 1.2

Print (41 MB), Web (16 MB)

1.3: Working Together LibreGraphics Magazine - Issue 1.3

Print (41 MB), Web (16 MB)