Science and Technology

3D Ekg Like any good engineer, I am also an unrepentant geek.  While this doesn't mean that I am infatuated with Star Trek (though Deep Space 9 rocks!), it does mean I have a very healthy interest in science and technology, particularly how science and technology influence medicine.  One of my ideas of how to spend a perfect afternoon include a healthy deal of reverse engineering, and hey, compiler errors are just part of the fun!

I have had the luck of being able to punish some of my work and I would like to think that I have had some impact on how medicine is practiced.  Below you can find the full text of my most recent papers.  Enjoy!

Academic  Review Articles

Original Research Contributions

Curiculum Vitae

If interested, you can find a copy of my complete Curriculum Vitae by clicking here.

Note: The copies of the articles posted here are in their accepted forms.  The individual journals in which these articles were published hold the copyright for the final text (with layout).  To my knowledge, there are no differences in the text between those final versions and the copies here.  Should you find any, please contact me at so that I can make any necessary corrections.

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