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Rob and Tree (2005) This blog is a place for me to run at the mouth on basically any topic of interest.  This includes Medicine, Philosophy, Religion, Sports, History, Science or Horse Training.  As a result, I'd like to hope that it is "eclectically interesting."  More likely, it might be described as "unfocused," which is a good overall description of me.

I've done a variety of things including work as a Research Engineer for the University of Utah School of Medicine, Horse Trainer, and miscellaneous freelancer.  While doing the first, I had ties to Pediatrics, Bioengineering, Cardiology, and Radiology - all with my fingers in at least three more pies than is good for me.  More information about my exploits in science can be found on the Science and Technology page.  This includes a current copy of my curriculum vitae.

At present, I can be found moonlighting as a freelancer, artist, photographer, consultant and sometimes journalist.  I’ve even started writing two books.  But you can expect more information on the those in the relatively near future.  Take a minute to visit the "Art and Photography" Gallery here.  If you see some something you like, be sure to leave a comment.

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As this blog covers information from a variety of topics, it is quite likely that some of the information might interest and fascinate you and a lot of it will not.  After all, I can't imagine that there are many health care professionals who dream of computer programming while training horse and insulting the work of prominent authors in their spare time.  Since every reader is valuable in their own way, I decided to separate RSS feeds based on topic.  Enjoy!


Should you want to chat about horses, science, medicine, writing, or publishing; please send me an email at RobertSOakes@msn.com.  Questions about LyX-Outline or Time Drive should be sent to LyX-Devel@oak-tree.us.

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